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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to do anything to move my profile to the new site?

No. We’ve handled this for you. Your profile will be live on the moment it’s available.

As an existing client, will the price of my profile change?

No. As an existing Private Health client, the price of your current profile will not change. Your account manager will be in contact with you when your profile is up for renewal.

Has anything on my profile changed?

We have improved the user experience of our website design and we believe these are now optimal to get you more patients. We’re also in a great position to continue to make small changes which based on our research can make a big difference. Constant improvements to the patient experience are part of our long-term strategy for

Will I still receive enquiries in the same way?

Yes. The only difference will be that these enquiries will come from the domain.

Does replace

Yes. will no longer exist, and the site will always present as from the change (appear with GoPrivate branding) – although the domain will remain active for legacy reasons and redirect to the new site.

Has my account manager or contact changed?

We have a dedicated GoPrivate team who will be dealing with your account moving forward, this means your account manager may change, however, we will be in contact with you with advanced notice of this.

How can I ensure my profile best represents my practice?

Your account manager can help you provide the appropriate information to ensure your profile best represents you, please contact them or [email protected] for more information.